Kindle Paperwhite vs Kindle Fire HD comparison

Kindle Paperwhite vs Kindle Fire HD, why we compare one a ebook reader with one a tablet? But many people sent that question to us. Fire HD are cheap tablet and Kindle Paperwhite is the best reader. But choose Paperwhite or Fire HD?

For read book daily, Paperwhite is the best choice. With E-Ink technology, you can read many consecutive hours without eye strain. With the tablet or phone, you only read about 30 minutes to eyes train. If you regularly read long books, novels, that you buy Kindle Paperwhite. You will feel very tired if I had to read long books on tablets such as the Kindle Fire or iPad. Compared to Kindle Touch (touch reader, 2011), Kindle Paperwhite has much improved: screen resolution up to 212 PPI, with backlight for reading in the dark, better fonts, multiple levels brightness. In addition it is also lighter, you can hold it and read for a long time. I bought two, I think it’s even better than real books.

Kindle Paperwhite vs Fire HD tablet comparison - Paperwhite coupons

About Kindle Fire HD, It is a cheap tablet. HD resolution screen (like the Nexus 7), however it is much nicer. The design also is much improved over the 2011 version, the thinner and more beautiful. At $199, the Kindle Fire HD is a great tablet. If you read the book once a week for 30 minutes to 60 minutes, absolutely can buy Kindle Fire HD. Because with a tablet can help you with entertainment Movies, Chat, Web or games and more.

So you decide to buy Kindle Paperwhite or Kindle Fire HD? Sure you have the answer after this all information above. Don’t forget deals or coupon to buy it cheaper.